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The Fiscal Impact of Mixed-Income Housing Developments on Massachusetts Municipalities

This study, prepared by the Donahue Institute at the University of Massachusetts on behalf of CHAPA, is to determine whether mixed-income developments that have been built in the state did, in fact, place burdens on their communities. The report attempts to add to public understanding of two fundamental questions that often confront new construction in municipalities: Does the housing development increase net costs over time? Does the housing development pay its fair share of town costs over time? The UMass Donahue Institute conducted the study over the course of nine months and incorporated extensive field work in seven municipalities with mixed-income, homeownership developments.




Annual Report - 2006

Includes essays on Falmouth, housing authority development in Amherst and Northampton, 40Bs in Attleboro and Stoughton, preservation in Lowell and Boston, and how the SoftSecond program is working in Worcester.




Lincoln Declaration of Trust

Municipal Affordable Housing Trust

This document is the Town of Lincoln's Declaration of Trust and is provided to support MHP's Municipal Affordable Housing Trust guidebook. Once a housing trust is approved by the legislative body of the municipality, one of the first acts of the newly appointed board of trustees is to approve the Declaration of Trust. The Declaration of Trust is the formal document describing the organizational structure and the specific powers of the housing trust. This document is recorded at the Registry of Deeds.




CPA's impact on housing in first 5 years

A 2006 study commissioned by MHP indicates that while the impact of Community Preservation Act funds on housing may not be reflected in actual numbers, there have been enough success stories to indicate that it may yet become a valuable resource for affordable housing development.