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Technical Assistance

We provide a variety of resources related to affordable housing planning and development to communities, Housing Authorities and non-profits.

We can award small grants, engage consultants, or provide staff time. Our team helps communities assess their housing needs and find ways to leverage local resources (funds and land) to increase housing opportunity and help communities control their own housing development destiny.

MHP has helped communities:

  • Assess housing needs and develop plans that address housing concerns;
  • Work with boards or housing committees to determine the best way to use local resources and access state resources;
  • Evaluate the feasibility of proposed sites for housing;
  • Create Request for Proposals (RFP) for public land disposition and evaluate developer selections;

  • Update or create new zoning that encourages a variety of housing types;
  • Find ways to preserve expiring affordable housing;
  • Address distressed properties and issues related to foreclosures;
  • Navigate proposed 40B developments (see below for more details about our 40B TA Program).

MHP has helped housing authorities:

  • Evaluate the feasibility for proposed sites for housing;
  • Work with their communities to support new affordable housing development;

  • Create Request for Proposals (RFP) and evaluate developer selection to build new units on public land;
  • Access state and local resources.

MHP has helped non-profit housing organizations:

  • Partner with communities to develop housing;
  • Learn best practices for development, construction, project and asset management;
  • Work innovatively to navigate the housing development process in regards to cost;

  • Assess internal operations to support best practices;
  • Explore collaboration and partnerships with other nonprofits.

40B Technical Assistance Program:

MHP will engage a qualified consultant to assist the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) in navigating and understanding underlying development issues and impacts as they relate to the process and regulations associated with evaluating a Comprehensive/40B permit. Consultants will also help facilitate productive discussions with developers and in most cases, communities receiving TA from MHP have successfully negotiated comprehensive permits on terms mutually agreeable to both the municipality and developer.

Since 1999, MHP’s 40B technical assistance program has awarded over $2 million and helped 162 communities negotiate 40B projects. Contact MHP Senior Planner Katy Lacy at 857-317-8514 or for more information about this program.

General Technical Assistance and Local Housing Authority Technical Assistance:

MHP provides a general technical assistance application form and application forms for its local housing authority technical assistance.

Local Housing Authority (LHA) State Public Housing Redevelopment Feasibility Technical Assistance Application

Local Housing Authority (LHA) Surplus Land Technical Assistance Application

MHP General Technical Assistance Request Form

For more information about MHP technical assistance, contact Program Coordinator Emma McGurren at 857-317-8517 or

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