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Tools to make housing finance more efficient


MassDocs makes affordable rental housing development more efficient by offering one set of loan documents to developers receiving loans from multiple public funding programs.

This means that review work can be coordinated by a single joint counsel for all subordinate public loans in a project. This is a plus for MHP borrowers, who often receive MHP financing in combination with other public funds.

To view sample documents go to This web site also hosts a web-based document assembly system for the state's closing attorneys.

MassDocs is a collaborative effort of the state Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), MassHousing, the Massachusetts Housing Partnership (MHP) and the Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation (CEDAC).

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OneSource was developed by MHP and the Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation (MHIC) to provide borrowers with construction and permanent financing, using a single set of loan documents, one attorney and jointly engaging one appraiser and inspector. This combines to save the borrower time and money.

With OneSource, there's a coordinated closing between the construction lender and MHP, with one attorney reviewing a single set of construction and permanent loan documents. At the end of construction, there is a highly simplified "mini-closing" that allows MHP to take over the lender's role from the construction lender.

Eligible OneSource projects include acquisition and rehabilitation, refinancing and rehabilitation, and new construction.

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