First-time buyer? Check out ONE Mortgage

If you think ONE Mortgage is a good fit for you, there are a couple steps you will need to take to get prepared.

  1. Get Prepared

    An overview of how the process works, and what you need to get started. Learn More

  2. Find a Class

    Approved education providers offer classes that meet the ONE Mortgage requirements. Learn More

  3. Get Down Payment Help

    Review the list of organizations that offer down payment assistance and other forms of financial assistance. Learn More

  4. Find a Lender

    Dozens of lenders across the state participate in the ONE Mortgage Program. Find one near you. Learn More

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If you are a first-time homebuyer, the ONE Mortgage Program is for you. ONE Mortgage offers you the comfort of knowing your mortgage is financially sustainable. Here are five reasons why you should choose ONE Mortgage:

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If you are looking for ways to help first-time homebuyers realize the dream of homeownership, you should let your public officials, housing professionals, community advocates and lenders know about the benefits of offering the ONE Mortgage Program.

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