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MHP offers new slate of incentives for Green Retrofits

Improving energy efficiency and reducing the carbon emissions of the 37,000+ existing multifamily buildings across the state is a crucial component in achieving more resilient communities and meeting the Commonwealth’s climate goals. In recognition of this, MHP’s Green Retrofit Financing Program now incentivizes a broader spectrum of energy use reduction projects, with the highest level of incentive – a 35 basis point interest rate reduction – for projects that reduce their energy use intensity by at least 50% or pursue an eligible deep energy reduction retrofit certification.




HOUSING STABILITY MONITOR: Massachusetts Evictions & Foreclosures

This is the third edition of the Housing Stability Monitor and will explore data through February 2024.

The Housing Stability Monitor is an ongoing research series that provides quarterly updates on eviction and foreclosure trends in Massachusetts. This is the third edition of the series and features interactive eviction and foreclosure data through February 2024. Data show a concerning increase in eviction filings and executions across the state; while foreclosure trends remain below pre-pandemic levels, the recent closing of the Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) is expected to result in increased foreclosures.




The train has left the station. Let’s keep our eyes on the destination.

A forward-looking approach will maximize the impact of the MBTA Communities Law.

BOSTON --- This research brief provides a snapshot of how far along the 177 MBTA Communities are on their path to compliance with Section 3A, aimed at providing a sense of how much momentum has already been built around these much-needed zoning changes. The brief will also introduce an analytical approach to evaluating potential development opportunities in approved 3A districts, and make the case for a coordinated, forward-looking approach to MBTA Communities rather than a reactive, defensive posture in response to a relatively small group of detractors.

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