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Boston: Victoria Apartments

Sponsor: Inuilinos Boricuas en Accion, Inc

Mhp Iba 2020 3

Loan Approved: June 17, 2019

Using its Treasury Risk program, MHP is providing a permanent first mortgage loan of $50 million for he construction of 190 rental units in 15 townhouse-style buildings and two brick-row walk-up buildings.

TYPE: New construction.

WHERE: 1-7 West Dedham Street,

9-11 West Dedham Street,

348-358 Shawmut Avenue,

13-55 West Dedham Street,

69-91 West Dedham Street,

25-29 San Juan Street,

31-35 San Juan Street,

32-44 San Juan Street,

46-52 San Juan Street,

54-56 San Juan Street,

636 Tremont Street,

00 Aguadilla Street,

15-21 Aguadilla Street,

130-132 West Brookline Street,

24-36 Aguadilla Street,

38-44 Aguadilla Street,

80-90 West Brookline Street,

393-397 Shawmut Avenue,

57-59 West Newton Street,

61-67 West Newton Street,

57,59, and 65 West Dedham Street, Boston.

WHAT: PConstruction of 190 residential units in various locations across Boston.

AFFORDABILITY: At least 76 units will be affordable to households earning up to 60% AMI.

MHP FINANCING: $50M million loan.

MORE INFO: News release

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