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Four gateway cities chosen for second cohort of MHP’s Complete Neighborhoods Partnership

Posted on April 11, 2024

BOSTON --- Four gateway cities have been selected to participate in the second cohort of the state’s Complete Neighborhoods Partnership (CNP), a program that supports the creation of walkable neighborhoods across the commonwealth near downtowns, transit and jobs.

Lowell, Haverhill, Revere and New Bedford will receive technical assistance from CNP to create more housing opportunities near transit and mobility infrastructure.

MHP is administering CNP with funds from the state’s 2021 economic development bond bill through the state’s Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities (EOHLC). Frequently Asked Questions about CNP

Here are brief details on the cities selected and their plans:

  • Lowell’s Jackson/Appleton/Middlesex (JAM) Neighborhood will use the funds to assess feasibility of housing on underutilized properties. The JAM neighborhood is 0.3 miles from the Lowell commuter rail station.
  • The City of Haverhill will work to realign zoning from Lafayette Square to Downtown Haverhill to facilitate housing production and explore feasibility of housing on underutilized properties and at the Haverhill commuter rail station.
  • The City of Revere plans to accelerate housing in two neighborhoods—Shirley Avenue and the Wonderland Station area. Both neighborhoods are served by multiple rapid transit stations. The city recently adopted 40R Smart Growth Zoning Districts.
  • New Bedford will assess feasibility of housing in underutilized properties in the Purchase Street Corridor, which is adjacent to the New Bedford station on the new South Coast Rail line. Purchase Street is adjacent to the New Bedford Station, anticipated to come online in summer 2024.

"I’m so excited Lowell was selected for the Complete Neighborhood Partnership program. The Jackson, Appleton, Middlesex Street (JAM) area has so much potential for development," says Assistant City Manager/Director of Planning and Development Yovani Baiz-Rose. "This area falls within the new MBTA Communities overlay district and we are really looking forward to working with consultants who can help us understand how Lowell can use its existing resources to increase housing development in the city."

"We are extremely excited to be awarded the designation of Complete Neighborhoods Partnership,” says Revere Community Development Planner and Conservation Agent Lorena Escolero. “This acknowledgement not only affirms our continuous efforts, but also fuels our commitment and drive to enhance the availability of affordable housing in Revere. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with MHP and engaging with the Shirley Ave and Wonderland community as we work towards our common goal of inclusive urban development and sustainable growth."

New Beford officials look forward to continuing the work of the city's housing plan with the help of CNP. “This grant will further the work of our Building New Bedford housing plan by facilitating development in vacant and underutilized sites located within walking distance of Downtown and the new commuter rail station,” says New Bedford Office of Housing and Community Development Director Joshua Amaral. “Thanks to the Massachusetts Housing Partnership for this opportunity.”

MHP held a previous application round in 2022, selecting three communities and two regions. Chelsea, Brockton, Fitchburg, six towns in Franklin County and a regional application from North Attleborough and Plainville were selected as the first recipients of CNP awards.

The Complete Neighborhoods Partnership is part of MHP’s Complete Neighborhoods Initiative, which is supporting state efforts to promote more housing near transit, town centers and jobs. It includes “3A-TA” technical assistance to help MBTA communities comply with the state’s new multifamily zoning requirement.

For more information about CNP, contact MHP Senior Development Manager Christine Madore at

For general information contact MHP Communications Manager Lisa Braxton at or at (857) 301-1526.