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Residensity is a new tool that is being developed by MHP's Center for Housing Data (CHD) that estimates residential density for every parcel in the Commonwealth.

It expands on the new methodology MHP developed to create Transit-Oriented Development Explorer (TODEX) in 2019, which estimates housing density around all Greater Boston's 261 transit stations. CHD also created and maintains DataTown, which provides up-to-date housing and demographic information for all 351 Massachusetts communities.

CHD staffers Tom Hopper and Matija Janković are putting the final touches on the web-based tool now and hope to have the web site go live by the end of June, 2022. They will preview it on Tuesday, June 7 at MHP's Housing Institute. Register here for that event.

In the mean time, read the Q&A prepared by Janković and listen to MHP's Lisa Braxton's interview with Tom Hopper about how the new tool was built and how he hopes it will help communities plan for complete neighborhoods that are more walkable and closer to transit and our daily needs.

What does our parcel explorer do?

Our platform allows users to explore housing density and land-use patterns of any community in Massachusetts with density calculations at the parcel level.

(Note: Parcels are the divisions of land on which a piece of real estate sits; If you are a homeowner, a parcel is the land that belongs to your property)

Is Residensity interactive?

Yes. With our platform, users can explore an interactive map of density and land use patterns of the whole state of Massachusetts. Our platform includes interactive data tools that allow users to calculate density statistics and land-use breakdowns of user-defined districts.

Does it have the ability to let us imagine and draw districts?

Yes. Users can draw unique districts and receive stats and breakdowns on the fly, explore density patterns around transit station areas, export PDF density maps with land-use breakdowns, and export data tables of parcels with density statistics for individual analysis.

What is the methodology?

Our platform is based on our methodology that estimates the number of residential units on each tax parcel in Massachusetts and calculates density (residential units per acre) of each parcel in the state.

How can I find out more?

Contact Matija Janković at mjankovic@mhp.net.