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Annual Report - 2003

Includes essays about small-scale financing in Chesterfield, redeveloping a school into housing with help from CHI in Acton, preserving the affordability of 200 units in Salem, the importance of creating partnerships to develop 250 units in Lowell, Home Funders to help developers reach lower-income families in Gloucester, and SoftSecond making a difference in Newton.




Building on our Heritage: A Housing Strategy for Smart Growth and Economic Development

In this report, the Commonwealth Housing Task Force describes a severe housing affordability problem that has an impact both on low and moderate income households and scientists, engineers, doctors and business people in Massachusetts. The authors argue that the housing problem is affecting the future economic stability of the state. Further, they contend that the problem is not caused by a lack of financing or land but results from restrictive zoning, which results from local governments’ fear of the adverse impact on town finances that will result from development.