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Who Participates in Local Government? Evidence from Meeting Minutes

One of the Center for Housing Data's favorites is this 2017 study by Katherine Levine Einstein, Maxwell Palmer and David Glick. The researchers combed three years worth of meeting minutes from 97 cities and towns in the region, and found nearly two-thirds of residents who stood up to speak about proposed housing developments did so to oppose them, while just 14 percent spoke in support. You could call this the appetizer study to Amy Dain's 2019 study that suggested that the maze of zoning regulations in communities around Greater Boston amounts to a paper wall that more often than not discourages multifamily development.




The Color of Wealth in Boston

The study was done in 2015 but the data in it is still often used as a lead anecdote to illustrate how decades of systemic racism has put people of color - and especially Blacks - behind the eight ball when it comes to net worth. The study by the Boston Fed, Duke University found that the median net worth for non-immigrant African-American households in the Greater Boston region is $8 while the median net worth for Greater Boston whites is $247,500. The data disparity was brought to light in the 2017 Boston Globe's award-winning seven-part series on race.




Português: Encontre sua agência regional para solicitar assistência

O estado de Massachusetts mantém um banco de dados pesquisável que inclui a agência regional que atende a sua comunidade e onde você pode solicitar assistência habitacional de emergência, tal como Assistência Residencial para Famílias em Transição (RAFT), e Programas de Emergência de Assistência Hipotecária e de Aluguer (ERMA).

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