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Boston (Dorchester): Dudley Terrace refinance

Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corp.

Dudley Terrace

Loan Approved: January 29, 2020

MHP used the federal Treasury Risk Share program to provide a $5.3M loan to preserve 56 affordable apartments.

TYPE: Preservation

WHERE: 2 and 6 Dudley Terrace, 728 Dudley Terrace, 1285-1291 Massachusetts Avenue, 1125-1129 Dorchester Avenue, 14 –16 and 20-24 Roach Street, in Dorchester

WHAT: Refinancing of four properties located in the Uphams Corner

AFFORDABILITY: 10 one-, 34 two- and 12 three bedroom apartments, all affordable at or below 60% AMI

MHP FINANCING: MHP is providing a $5.3 million loan to preserve the affordability of 56 units

RENTAL INFORMATION: Maloney Properties, 617-442-1443

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