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MHP statewide listening tour continues

Posted on February 9, 2021

For over 30 years, MHP has been providing direct technical assistance to communities across the state. Our goal has been to support you in developing more affordable, multi-family housing to meet the diverse needs of your communities.

But every now and then, it is important to check in with you. That's why MHP is continuing its statewide listening tour this March with a gateway cities event and regional discussions for North of Boston, Central Mass., South Coast and South of Boston. These listening sessions follow similar events we held at the end of 2020 for West of Boston, Central Mass., South Coast and South of Boston.

“These sessions are important in helping us understand the housing issues in your region, the gaps in existing technical assistance and how we might work together to make access to affordable and safe housing more equitable,” said Laura Shufelt, director of MHP’s Community Assistance team. “We are interested in how your housing goals align with efforts to address racial and economic inequality. What we learn from you will inform our team goals moving forward."

Please come prepared to share:

  • What are the housing issues in your region? How can MHP do more to assist your community in meeting housing needs?
  • How might we work together to make access to affordable and safe housing more equitable? What parts of the current affordable housing delivery system and programs are barriers?

After introductions, there will be no formal presentation from our team. This is an opportunity to hear from you, our local experts.

Schedule and registration link for the spring sessions:    

Who should attend? 

  • Municipal volunteers and staff
  • Affordable housing advocates
  • Organizations or groups working on racial and economic equity
  • Affordable housing non-profits
  • Anyone with something to say about furthering affordable housing in your region!

Which session should you attend?

You can reach out to us on how we are identifying each region, or decide for yourself which one makes the most sense for you. The only non-region session is for gateway cities. We decided to do a separate session for gateway cities since they are located throughout the state but often share similar challenges and opportunities when it comes to affordable housing.

For more information, contact Katie Bosse at