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Updated trust guidebook available online

Posted on November 16, 2018

BOSTON --- Continuing to support communities in their efforts to use local funds for affordable housing, MHP has updated its Municipal Affordable Housing Trust Guidebook.

Originally created in 2009 and updated in 2013, the latest edition reflects MHP’s long experience working with communities on trusts.  

The new guidebook – available online – features more local examples of what types of trusts activities have been successful. It also includes updates on amendments to the law in 2016 regarding Municipal Affordable Housing Trusts and the use of Community Preservation Act funds.

The guidebook update is part of an ongoing effort by MHP to help communities start and run effective local affordable housing trusts. MHP’s efforts began in earnest back in 2005 when the state legislature passed the Municipal Affordable Housing Trust Law, simplifying the process of establishing a local housing trust fund.

Since then, 98 communities have adopted Municipal Affordable Housing Trusts (MAHT), raising the overall total of communities with local trusts to 109. MHP estimates that since its last guidebook update in 2013, 28 communities have adopted municipal trusts.

MHP increased its efforts two years ago thanks to a multi-year grant from the Kuehn Foundation. Led by MHP Senior Program Manager Shelly Goehring, MHP has used this grant funding to reach 117 communities through trainings, roundtables, and community-based technical assistance.  

Goehring and MHP’s Callie Clark oversaw this guidebook update. For more information, contact Shelly Goehring at