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Special Initiatives

In addition to ongoing technical assistance at the community level, the Community Assistance Team also engages in specialized initiatives to further community and state policy needs.

Many of these initiatives have involved working with a variety of partner agencies. We’ve collaborated with the Attorney General’s Office, the state Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), other quasi-government offices, nonprofits and regional planning agencies.

Rural Housing

In 2014, MHP brought together municipal, non-profit and state partners to address issues and challenges observed in rural communities, especially related to housing opportunities. MHP conducted a listening tour across the state in rural regions, organized leaders in rural areas, reviewed existing literature and data, and researched best practices and policies from other states to come up with six recommendations.

Receivership/Distressed Properties

These publications explain how communities can use receivership and other resources to develop a step-by-step strategy to assess the health of their neighborhoods, define and quantify particular problems, and develop and implement specific strategies to combat disinvestment to stabilize properties and neighborhoods.

Housing authorities & HILAPP

Administered by MHP, the High Leverage Asset Preservation Program (HILAPP) provides grants to local housing authorities (LHAs) that are able to secure matching funds from local and/or other non-state sources to support the modernization and redevelopment of state-aided public housing. Goals of the program are to preserve as many units as possible, prioritize development with significant capital needs that cannot be addressed with regular funding, prioritize developments in communities with the highest need for extremely low income housing, and to leverage as much capital as possible from sources besides the state Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).

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