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Publications and Materials

We create publications and workshop materials to help communities, housing authorities and nonprofits create more affordable housing.

Topics the team has addressed include how to properly use Community Preservation Act funds and municipal affordable housing trusts, understanding the development process and how to administer fair housing marketing and resident selection plans.

Below are our most recent publications and workshop materials.

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Designed as a companion piece for the Municipal Affordable Housing Trust Guidebook, this operations manual is intended to help municipal officials delve into the details of how to operate new or established housing trusts.



Written in partnership with the state Attorney General’s Office, this publication explains how communities can use receivership to stabilize properties and neighborhoods.


Distressed Properties

MHP has put together materials to help communities develop a step-by-step strategy to assess the health of their neighborhoods, define and quantify particular problems, and development and implement specific strategies to combat disinvestment.


Regional Training Series, Norfolk County Region

A series of customized trainings to address housing issues of concern to area communities:

  • Community Preservation Act and Housing Development
  • Assessing Housing Needs in your Community
  • Community Planning for Housing Needs
  • 40B and your Community

A two-day training held annually in June for local officials and volunteers in suburban and rural communities with a stated goal of giving community leaders and municipal staff the tools to successfully produce affordable housing.

Experienced practitioners will instruct and inform attendees on the stated 40B Guidelines as they relate to Affordable Housing Fair Marketing (AFHM), Resident Selection plans, and lotteries for affordable units.

A training designed for real estate project managers, CFOs, executive directors and others who have basic knowledge of the real estate transaction but want to be able to conduct (or oversee those conducting) a complex financial transaction.

As part of an ongoing effort to work with rural leaders to understand their challenges and build consensus on policy solutions.