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You are encouraged to contact more than one lender during the initial stages of your home buying process while you gather information and assess your options, but you should choose one lender to work with by the time you submit a formal ONE+Boston loan application

Cambridge Savings Bank

Contact Phone Email Languages
Rich Bertolucci 978-580-6979 Email English
Jennifer Conroy 978-201-9513 Email English
Lynn Harvey 617-441-4220 Email English
Matthew Longo 781-405-8547 Email English
Mark Newell 617-455-5852 Email English
Aurea Vera 508-353-4680 Email English, Español
Ron Yorks 781-799-4408 Email English

Cambridge Trust

Lisa DeMarco 617-520-5532 Email English
Michelle Meiser617-520-5558EmailEnglish

Citizens Bank

Contact Email Languages
Roger Wolfe

City of Boston Credit Union

Contact Phone
Email Languages
Bob McCauley 617-741-8791 Email English

Dedham Savings Bank

Contact PhoneEmail Languages
Christopher Gleason 781-405-9228Email English
Peter Hughes
Kyle Lewis781-355-7420 EmailEnglish
Robert W. Madden781-355-7424EmailEnglish
Elizabeth Paolini781-355-7412 EmailEnglish
Mark Stevens978-265-5777EmailEnglish
Cynthia Sullivan781-320-1174EmailEnglish
Gaar Talanian617-794-8777EmailEnglish

Eastern Bank

Contact Phone EmailLanguages
Rachel Concepcion 603-702-1404 EmailEnglish, Español
Steve Dion 617-515-0197 EmailEnglish
Michael Diranian781-248-4428EmailEnglish
Gail Donovan781-856-5156EmailEnglish
Joann Ellington617-448-2998EmailEnglish
Ellen Klapper617-967-8461EmailEnglish
Debra Lynch978-888-7769EmailEnglish
John Manoogian781-388-1201EmailEnglish
Louis Marcus617-874-0117EmailEnglish, Español
John McConville781-238-4707EmailEnglish
Beth Murphy508-326-0156EmailEnglish
Craig Paris781-596-4572EmailEnglish
Ryna Shimmerman781-596-4532EmailEnglish
Danielle VanAmburg781-598-7459EmailEnglish

Rockland Trust

John Allard617-448-8324 Email English
Edlira Avdulla617-750-8805 EmailEnglish
Lourdes Connolly781-789-4312 EmailEnglish, Español
Daniel Flores617-501-9517 EmailEnglish, Español
Christopher Gillis781-752-6430 EmailEnglish
Romie Huot978-804-5120 EmailEnglish
Meg Kenyon (She/They)508-918-8640 EmailEnglish
David McEntee508-269-1222 EmailEnglish
Edmond Metro781-844-7069 EmailEnglish
Brad Mitchell508-732-3346EmailEnglish
Celsa Moreno-Baker978-835-9375EmailEnglish, Español, Português
Steve Palombi617-322-3116 EmailEnglish
Alma Leticia Rave617-997-8823 EmailEnglish, Español
Karen Rebaza781-558-6105 EmailEnglish, Español
Mark Stevens978-265-5777 EmailEnglish
Lenore Tavares781-331-3210EmailEnglish

Silicon Valley Bank (formerly Boston Private Bank)

Diana Carvajal-Hirsch617-912-3991EmailEnglish, Español

The Cooperative Bank

Contact Phone Email Languages
Renee Owens 857-203-9502 Email English

Webster Bank

Contact Phone Email Languages
Steven Roussel617-686-7988 Email English
Alison M. Gibbons617-717-6827 EmailEnglish
John K. Ferguson617-717-6857 EmailEnglish
Filip J. Ramil617-480-6945 EmailEnglish, Español