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You are encouraged to contact more than one lender during the initial stages of your home buying process while you gather information and assess your options, but you should choose one lender to work with by the time you submit a formal MassDREAMS application.

**New lenders sign-on to offer the MassDREAMS grant program everyday**

Alltrust Federal Credit Union

Areas served: Southeastern MA, Cape Cod and the Islands

ContactPhoneEmail Languages
Stephanie Buzzell508-641-4394EmailEnglish
Jean W. Correia774-263-1742EmailEnglish
Kevin Melo508-979-4219EmailEnglish
Timothy Souza774-451-2299EmailEnglish

Avidia Bank

Areas served: Acton, Ashland, Auburn, Ayer, Bedford, Berlin, Bolton, Boxborough, Boylston, Clinton, Concord, Fitchburg, Framingham, Gardner, Grafton, Harvard, Holden, Holliston. Hopedale, Hopkinton, Hudson, Lancaster, Leominster, Lincoln, Littleton, Lunenburg, Marlborough, Maynard, Milford, Millbury, Natick. Northborough, Northbridge, Princeton, Sherborn, Shirley, Shrewsbury, Southborough, Sterling, Stow, Sudbury, Sutton, Upton, Wayland, West Boylston, Westborough, Westminster. Weston, Worcester

Contact Phone Email Languages
Andrew Nawrocki 978-875-2619 Email English
Tad Perachi617-759-7500EmailEnglish
Shrenik Shah978-590-1843EmailEnglish
Joy Sullivan978-337-5167EmailEnglish
Kelly Tierney978-808-7849EmailEnglish


Areas Served: Massachusetts

Chris Craig401-339-9118Email
Dennis Hughes401-440-5989Email
Karen Flynn401-487-1968Email
Michelle Guertin401-255-2432Email
Lisa Celio508942-6436Email
Monica Botelho508-496-0369Email
Susana Neves-Coito774-253-4240Email
Michael Mendonca401-749-3131Email
Chelsea Amaral401-855-5531Email
Wilfredo Salvador781-526-0188Email
Kevin Cassidy617-901-0345Email
Levon Sarian617-201-2001Email
John Capone978-804-9876Email
James Hanewich508-878-5385Email
Claudette Vickery508-264-4805Email

Berkshire Bank

Areas Served: Central Massachusetts, Western Massachusetts & Berkshires

Contact Phone Languages
Edwin A. Restrepo508-797-6839 English, Español

Cambridge Savings Bank

Areas Served: Greater Boston, North Shore & Merrimack Valley

Contact Phone Email Languages
Rich Bertolucci 978-580-6979 Email English
Jennifer Conroy 978-201-9513 Email English
Lynn Harvey 617-441-4220 Email English
Matthew Longo 781-405-8547 Email English
Mark Newell 617-455-5852 Email English
Aurea Vera 508-353-4680 Email English, Español
Ron Yorks 781-799-4408 Email English

Cambridge Trust

Areas served: Suffolk, Norfolk, Middlesex and Essex counties

Lisa DeMarco 617-520-5532 Email English
Michelle Meiser617-520-5558EmailEnglish

Citizens Bank

Areas served: Statewide

Contact Phone Languages
Benjamin Cartagena 413-250-0827English, Español
Yamilett Flores-Sickles978-407-6714English, Español
Wendy Fraser978-317-8471English
Brian Grout413-530-7755English
Sagyn LeBlanc857-269-8262English, Creole
Kate McGahan617-991-7083English
Erika Morales617-529-1439English, Español
Raul Rodrigues 401-301-6656English, Español, Português
Yanilda Santos 978-397-7023English, Español
Leslie Torres-Arias978-807-9372English, Español

Clinton Savings Bank

Areas Served: Central Massachusetts

Contact Phone Languages
Elisa Cuddy 978-365-3444 English
John Ryan 978-365-3489 English

Coastal Heritage Bank

Contact Phone Email Languages
Steve Mastalerz 781-796-6115 Email English
Lisa Swain 617-827-9084 Email English

Dedham Savings Bank

Areas served: Greater Boston, Metro West

Contact Email Languages
Christopher Gleason Email English
Peter HughesEmailEnglish
Kyle LewisEmailEnglish
Robert W. MaddenEmailEnglish
Elizabeth PaoliniEmailEnglish
Mark StevensEmailEnglish
Cynthia SullivanEmailEnglish
Gaar TalanianEmailEnglish

East Cambridge Savings Bank

Areas served: Greater Boston

Contact PhoneEmail Languages
Thomas Jung 339-225-0967 Email English, Toisanese Chinese
Sang Nguyen617-981-9028EmailEnglish
Patricia A. Rizzo617-551-2453EmailEnglish

Eastern Bank

Areas served: Statewide

Contact Phone Email Languages
Rachel Concepcion 603-702-1404 Email English, Español
Steve Dion 617-515-0197 Email English
Michael Diranian 781-248-4428 Email English
Gail Donovan 781-856-5156 Email English
Joann Ellington 617-448-2998 Email English
Ellen Klapper 617-967-8461 Email English
Debra Lynch 978-888-7769 Email English
John Manoogian 781-388-1201 Email English
Louis Marcus 617-874-0117 Email English, Español
John McConville 781-238-4707 Email English
Beth Murphy 508-326-0156 Email English
Craig Paris 781-596-4572 Email English
Ryna Shimmerman 781-596-4532 Email English
Danielle VanAmburg 781-598-7459 Email English

Enterprise Bank

Areas Served: Greater Boston, North Shore & Merrimack Valley

Contact Phone Languages
Cheryl Adams 978-995-4134 English
Julie Copley 978-995-1387English
Lorraine Kerrigan978-427-5825English
Patricia D. Scott978-790-8202English

First Citizens Credit Union

Areas Served: Bristol, Norfolk, Plymouth, Barnstable and Dukes County

Contact Phone Email Languages
Lisa Faria 508-979-4741 Email English
Tad Morse 774-628-7863 Email English

First Republic Bank

Areas Served: Greater Boston

Contact Phone Languages
Cornelius Prioleau 617-316-5038 English
Michelle Samuel617-406-5761English

Freedom Credit Union

Areas Served: Greater Springfield/Western MA

Contact Phone Email Languages
Lisa Mish413-505-5735 Email English

Greylock Federal Credit Union

Areas Served: Berkshire County

Alyssa Bresett Email English
Laura Brown Email English
Kaci Nowicki Email English

Institution for Savings Bank

Areas Served: Essex and Middlesex

David BakasEmail978-358-8860English
Kate BauerEmail978-225-1359English
Sandra CorraoEmail978-309-1231English
Andrea Leal JessieEmail978-225-1363English
Anna MakosEmail978-225-1362 English
Josh PerkinsEmail978-225-1392English
Jeffrey SalernoEmail978-358-8902English
Nancy Taylor Email978-312-6802 English

Leader Bank

Areas Served: Statewide

Contact Phone Email Languages
Sherry Burke 617-293-5098 Email English
Chris Butts781-223-8474EmailEnglish
Jack Carrol508-836-4216EmailEnglish
Matt McCarthy 617-336-6351EmailEnglish
Vikas Selhi 339-235-8592EmailEnglish, Hindi, Punjabi
Jim Shanahan781-474-5100EmailEnglish

Middlesex Savings Bank

Areas Served: Greater Boston, Central Mass, South Eastern Mass, North Shore, Merrimack Valley

Contact Phone Languages
Mortgage Center877-672-7654English, Español
Patricia Crawford508-599-5535English
Laura Duncan 508-315-5489English
Shannon Elliott508-599-5743English
Jennifer Figueroa508-599-5919English, Español
Kelly Flanagan508-599-5948English
Genevieve Randolph978-344-5115English
Joe Scott508-315-5423English
Sheila Watts978-344-5012English

Millbury Federal Credit Union

Areas Served: Central Massachusetts

Dustin WirzburgerEmailEnglish
Brian TankersleyEmailEnglish
Anne Marie RaffertyEmailEnglish
Heidi-Jo KempEmailEnglish
Julie LeiteEmailEnglish
Jeff ClarkEmailEnglish

Needham Savings Bank

Areas Served: Greater Boston

Contact Phone Languages
Wilfred Edwards857-204-4471 English

Northern Bank

Contact Phone Email Languages
Donna Koulas 781-404-1945 Email English

Rockland Trust

Contact Phone EmailLanguages
John Allard617-448-8324EmailEnglish
Daniel Flores617-501-9517EmailEnglish, Español
Meg Kenyon (She/They)508-918-8640EmailEnglish
Zachary Kornbliet781-248-4360EmailEnglish
Celsa Moreno978-835-9375EmailEnglish, Español, Português
Leticia Rave617-997-8823EmailEnglish, Español
Karen Rebaza781-558-6105 EmailEnglish, Español
Wuiliam Swartz857-264-6007EmailEnglish, Español

Salem Five Bank

Areas served: Greater Boston, North Shore & Merrimack Valley, Southeastern Massachusetts

Contact Phone Languages
Natalia Berbesi 857-334-7273 English, Español
Brenda Ortiz-Peral781-513-9090English, Español
Elle Scalli617-293-5020English
Maria Vargas978-609-3748English, Español

Silicon Valley Bank (formerly Boston Private Bank)

Areas Served: Greater Boston, North Shore & Merrimack Valley

Contact Phone Email Languages
Diana Carvajal-Hirsch 617-912-3991 Email English, Español

Stoneham Bank

Areas served: North Shore, Boston, Central Massachusetts

Contact Phone Languages
Joseph Tyler Hanlon781-481-5797English
Robin Johnson 781-481-5722English
Sahag Kavlakian 781-481-5814 English
Jamie Simpson 781-481-5741 English

St. Mary's Credit Union

Areas served: Central Massachusetts

Contact Phone Languages
Maria Mendoza 774-245-8786 English, Español
Karen E. Mitchell774-424-8627English
Heather A. Pedersen508-561-7647English

Tremont Credit Union

Areas served: Greater Boston

Contact Phone Email Languages
Karen Cherson 781-664-6556 Email English
Maria Costa781-664-6504EmailEnglish, Français,Español, Português
Matthew O'Malley781-664-6540EmailEnglish

The Cooperative Bank

Areas served: All of Massachusetts

Contact Phone Email Languages
Renee Owens 857-203-9502 Email English

Webster Bank

Areas served: Boston, Metro West, Brockton, Taunton, Fall River, Attleboro and New Bedford.

Contact Phone Email Languages
Celia Carney774-526-5389English
Bob Chipman508-695-9600English
Kevin Faria508-245-0506English, Português
John K. Ferguson617-717-6857EmailEnglish
Alison M. Gibbons617-717-6827 EmailEnglish
Filip J. Ramil617-480-6945 EmailEnglish, Español
Steven Roussel 617-686-7988EmailEnglish
Maggie Wagner508-965-2910English, Português

Winchester Cooperative Bank

Areas served: Middlesex County, Suffolk County, Essex County

Contact Phone Email Languages
Coley Carden 781-756-3545 Email English
Jay Erwin 781-756-3572 Email English
Mark Fisher781-756-3543EmailEnglish