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Policy and Leadership

A note from MHP's Executive Director

Ensuring that we have a sufficient housing supply at a reasonable cost is one of the greatest social and economic challenges now facing the Commonwealth. We take on that challenge every day.

MHP’s impact in the last year has been significant. We had major successes in financing affordable rental housing, providing mortgages for low-income home buyers, and helping cities and towns promote new housing development. We also created a new Center for Housing Data to strengthen MHP’s operations and support new state policies to increase housing production.

Our recent efforts continues our long tradition of helping the Commonwealth preseve and create affordable housing. Since 1990, MHP has used bank lines of credit and other capital funding to provide over $1.2 billion in loans and commitments for the financing of nearly 25,000 units of rental housing, most of it affordable.

In addition, MHP has provided technical assistance to over 300 communities while its first-time homebuyer programs – formerly SoftSecond and now ONE – have helped more than 20,000 low- and moderate-income families purchase their first home and have provided over $3.5 billion in private mortgage financing.

Yet numbers tell only part of the story. What inspires us most are the lives we’ve touched and the communities that are stronger because we helped them create new housing opportunities. That’s what our latest annual report is about: helping communities like Orleans with technical assistance and data, helping the little town of Goshen add housing for seniors, financing housing in gateway cities, creating stable homes for the low-income and disabled, and making homeownership dreams come true through with ONE Mortgage.

The solution to our housing problem lies in strong state and local leadership. We are grateful to Governor Baker and Lieutenant Governor Polito for assembling a first-rate interagency housing team, launching a new Housing Choice initiative, and calling out housing supply and cost as a top state priority.

We are grateful to the House and Senate chairs of the Joint Committee on Housing, Rep. Kevin Honan and Sen. Joseph Boncore, for their efforts to increase housing production and to confront restrictive local zoning that hampers housing supply and threatens our economy.

We are grateful to the many local officials across the Commonwealth who are forward-thinking and promoting brighter futures for their communities by embracing new housing and new families.

Massachusetts needs significantly more housing to ensure our continued growth and prosperity. Collectively we can and will meet that challenge.

Clark Ziegler