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MHP authors and commissions research aimed at analyzing the current housing situation and presenting new solutions that address the need for affordable housing. Some of the ongoing and recent MHP initiatives include:

Foundation for Growth

The Foundation for Growth is a new privately-funded project that is researching how much housing Massachusetts needs to grow its economy. Research teams will analyze the state's housing production needs, what would the costs and benefits be of reaching these levels, and what policies are needed to achieve these benchmarks. For more information, go to www.massgrowth.net.

Foreclosure Monitor

By monitoring foreclosure trends, MHP hopes to help public officials and community leaders determine how best to use their resources to help homeowners and neighborhoods hard-hit by foreclosure. For more information, go to www.mhp.net/foreclosuremonitor

Large-lot zoning and smarter growth

In 2005-2006, MHP took an in-depth look at how the state's current zoning practices are chewing up land and impacting home prices, and what the impact might be if the state “smarter” zoning policies. This research included:

  • Large lot construction in Gr. Boston: An analysis by the MIT Center for Real Estate on how new single-family home construction is consuming twice as much land as existing single-family housing. MORE.
  • What's the payoff from Smart Growth?: Economist Ed Moscovitch quantifies how Massachusetts could drive down prices and stop eating up land if it adopted smart growth production policies. MORE.
  • Conditions for smart development: Land use consultant Phil Herr analyzes the common conditions under which communities have built affordable housing in smart locations. MORE.

For more content created or commissioned by MHP, go to Resources and Links.

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