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An initiative to promote polices that will allow us to build housing, grow economy
August 1, 2014

logo(The Foundation for Growth is an initiative by MHP to promote polices that will allow communities to build more housing so the Commonwealth can better sustain and grow its economy. Through ongoing discussion and analysis, the initative's goals are to show how our chronic shortage of housing hinders our economy, what are the costs and benefits of increased housing production and what polices and strategies are needed to achieve housing and economic growth. For the latest, go to www.massgrowth.net.)

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Woman's flight from Somerville to Texas speaks volumes about affordability 

Study shows why Boston's costs could chase away work force

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Analysis & study

Housing supply & economic prosperity NEW

A presentation by MHP Executive Director Clark Ziegler on the economic impacts of our declining housing production.

White_paperAction on housing key to state's propserity

A white paper by MHP Executive Director Clark Ziegler analyzes why Massachusetts has struggled to compete with the rest of the U.S. and what reforms we can make in our housing, zoning and funding polices to build more housing and ensure our economic prosperity.

More studies on housing and economic growth

Visit our library for more studies by MHP, and other state and national organizations on the relationship between housing and economic growth.


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