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March 23, 2015

Unlock"Unlock the Commonwealth" is an ongoing initiative by MHP to promote policies that will allow Massachusetts to build more housing. The initative provides continuing analysis of how our chronic shortage of housing hinders our economy, what are the costs and benefits of increased housing production and what polices are needed to achieve housing and economic growth.

In November, 2014, MHP released its latest report, "Unlocking the Commonwealth." This report identified metro areas that we compete with for innovation industries, compared their employee recruitment rates and housing markets, and recommended eight policies that would allow Massachusetts to build the housing it needs to sustain its economy.

Download the Unlock the Commonwealth report

MHP has set up a dedicated Unlock the Commonwealth web site to encourage discussion  and will continue to provide reports and analysis to promote better understanding of this issue.

The web site features a blog that focuses on housing and growth issues in Massachusetts and across the U.S. In the latest blog, MHP's Tom Hopper explains why understanding who our competition is for innovation workers creates a baseline in which to understand the impact of our housing policies on economic growth.

Previously, MHP's Carsten Snow discovers that building permit data for 2014 shows that metro Boston is lagging behind other cities that it competes with for innovation industries and workers. To read Carsten's blog post, click here.

For more information about this effort, contact MHP's Calandra Clark at 617-330-9944 x336 or go to the Unlock the Commonwealth web site at www.massgrowth.net.

Unlock the Commonwealth blog archive

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WBUR report debates impact of micro units (March 20, 2014)

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Analysis & study

Housing supply & economic prosperity (June 12, 2014)

A presentation by MHP Executive Director Clark Ziegler on the economic impacts of our declining housing production.

White_paperAction on housing key to state's propserity

A white paper by MHP Executive Director Clark Ziegler analyzes why Massachusetts has struggled to compete with the rest of the U.S. and what reforms we can make in our housing, zoning and funding polices to build more housing and ensure our economic prosperity.

More studies on housing and economic growth

Visit our library for more studies by MHP, and other state and national organizations on the relationship between housing and economic growth.


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