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Housing News Roundup

To keep in touch with what's going on at the local level, MHP regularly summarizes and links to housing stories that have appeared in newspapers around the state.

Watertown: Votes to strengthen inclusionary zoning bylaw WATERTOWN --- The Watertown Town Council has voted to strengthen its inclusionary zoning bylaw, upping the number of affordable units that must be included in a project from 10 to 12.5 percent.
Publication: Watertown Press, Oct 26, 2014
Wayland: Off-site inclusionary option riles residents WAYLAND --- A developer's bid to comply with the town's inclusionary zoning bylaw by building affordable units on another site rather than on a residential site with million dollar homes has met with stiff opposition from neighbors, who feel that portion of town already has its share of low-cost housing.
Publication: Wayland Town Crier, Oct 25, 2014
Sudbury: Officials see Raytheon as possible site for housing SUDBURY --- With Raytheon set to close its Rte. 20 plant by 2016, town officials have signaled that they wouldn't mind seeing the site turned into an affordable housing development to help the town get closer to having 10 percent of its units considered affordable.
Publication: MetroWest Daily News, Oct 24, 2014
Norfolk: Likes 40B plan for 28 homes on 34 acres NORFOLK --- Plans to use Ch. 40B to build 28 for-sale homes on the town-owned 34-cacre "Boy Scout" land site has received initial praise from town leaders, who like Oxbow's Devevelopment's plans to cluster the homes, protect more open space and preserve wetlands. Oxbow recently completed a similar project in Wayland.
Publication: Attleboro Sun (subscription required), Oct 21, 2014
Somerville: Wants to give breaks to landlords who rent low SOMERVILLE --- Mayor Joseph Curtatone recently released details of an affordable housing plan that calls for taxing home flippers and giving tax breaks to landlords who keep their rents low.
Publication: Somerville Journal, Oct 21, 2014
Vineyard Haven: ZBA OKs trust's 6-unit plan near ferry TISBURY --- The Tisbury zoning board of appeals (ZBA) unanimously approved a six-unit affordable rental apartment building on Water Street at a hearing on Friday. The written decision on a comprehensive permit for the Island Housing Trust's (IHT) project, with conditions, is expected to be finalized this week.
Publication: Martha's Vineyard Times, Oct 21, 2014
P-town: Town manager choice says no, cites housing cost PROVINCETOWN --- The topic of housing is dominating this town's search for a town manager, with the top candidate turning down the job due to the high cost of housing and a lack of professional jobs for his spouse, and the search committee reiterating that it's looking for a leader who can address the town's lack of housing and year-round jobs.
Publication: Cape Cod Times, Oct 20, 2014
Shrewsbury: Request attracts 3 'friendly' 40B proposals SHREWSBURY --- The town has has received three proposals in response to its request for "friendly" 40B projects, which was made this summer after the town had concerns about several large potential 40B proposals.
Publication: Shrewsbury Chronicle, Oct 20, 2014
Cape: Forum focuses on regional solutions to housing ORLEANS --- A meeting of local affordable housing advocates aimed at discussing the needs for the smaller towns of eastern Cape Cod focused on the idea of acting regionally to address the region's housing needs.
Publication: Cape Cod Times, Oct 17, 2014
Wellesley: Talks continue on sale of college land to town WELLESLEY --- Discussions about Wellesley College selling 47 acres to the town have been deferred until after the upcoming fall special town meeting. The parties have been in discussion about the property across from Wellesley College, which has been valued at $25 million. Wellesley College is selling the land to fund a campus renewal project and the town has signaled interest so as to control development of the property. Voters would have to approve such a purchase at a special town meeting.
Publication: Wellesley Townsman, Oct 17, 2014
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