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MHP offers a wide variety of loan products. Here's a summary, with links to term sheets and more information. If you have questions, contact Director of Lending David Rockwell (617-330-9944 x222)

Primary loan products

Fixed-rate permanent financing: Our flagship program offers maturities up to 20 years with amortizations up to 30 years. Competitive interest rates with flexible underwriting terms.
Term sheet.

Financing over $15 million: For loans over $15 million, we blend our underwriting expertise and $1 billion loan pool with Fannie Mae and other participating lenders to offer some of the best-priced financing available on more flexible terms. Term sheet and news release.

5+5: A low-interest 5-year loan product with a 30-year amortization schedule. Borrower can pay off loan after five years or elect to renew for another five. Term sheet

Tax-exempt financing: Through a program called MATCH, we provide triple-A credit enhancement for bonds, resulting in lower interest rates. We can also arrange for the direct placement of a bond issuance with one of our funding banks so that you can avoid the cost of a public offering. MATCH term sheet.

Additional financing support

Community Revitalization Option: We provide permanent financing for projects which have the potential to revitalize high-poverty neighborhoods through the development of predominantly market-rate housing (affordability required for 10 percent of the total units). Term sheet.

Energy Performance Improvement Program: MHP will provide financing of up to $15,000 per unit for energy improvements to affordable housing multi-family property owners who have received first mortgage financing from MHP.
Web page. Term sheet. Guidelines. Statement of Interest.

Housing Reserve Assurance Program (Housing RAP): We offer non-profit developers a way to earn more of their fee in cash by using MHP-provided credit enhancement to replace 80 percent (up to $500,000) of the cash-funded operating reserve required by tax credit investors. Term sheet and news release.

Working capital credit lines: We can lend up to $500,000 in unsecured short-term debt to help cover nonprofit development costs. Term sheet.

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