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Last Updated 11/23/2015

Below are MHP's current interest rates, as of the date shown above. You will see rates for three types of loans - 20-year permanent loans, 5-year "mini-perm" loans, and 20-year tax-exempt bond-financed loans with triple-A credit enhancement. All rates are based on 30-year amortization schedules. They are subject to change daily, based on market conditions and characteristics of the transaction.

Interest rates are updated weekly. To find out how MHP can make your rental housing development work, contact David Rockwell at 617-330-9944 x222.


For 20-year debt, rates range between 4.58% and 5.27%
For 5-year debt, rates range between 3.55% and 5.09%

Specific rates for different loan sizes are shown below. All rates assume a 30-year amortization schedule.

20-year term, 30-year amortization
Sample loan amounts: All-in rate
$1,000,000 5.27%
$3,000,000 4.87%
$7,500,000 4.65%
$10,000,000 4.62%
$15,000,000 4.58%
5-year term, 30-year amortization
Sample loan amounts: All-in rate
$1,000,000 5.09%
$3,000,000 3.99%
$7,500,000 3.66%
$10,000,000 3.60%
$15,000,000 3.55%


For 20-year tax-exempt debt, rates range between 3.40% and 4.10%

20-year term, 30-year amortization
Sample loan amounts: All-in rate
$1,000,000 4.10%
$3,000,000 3.75%
$7,500,000 3.49%
$10,000,000 3.45%
$15,000,000 3.40%

These rates reflect a 20-year fixed interest rate and 30-year amortization schedule provided through an interest rate swap which converts floating-rate bonds to a fixed rate. These bonds carry triple-A credit enhancement - the highest-quality credit enhancement available - minimizing the risk for the bond holder and thus providing the lowest interest rate available in the bond market. Under current market conditions, the interest rate swap needed for these transactions is not generally available in the marketplace for the full 20-year term. Please contact MHP for the latest information about this financing product. Minimum affordability is 20 percent of the units affordable to households at 50 percent of area median income.


  1. MHP's financing requires that a portion of the units be priced at affordable rents. For an explanation of these requirements, please review MHP's financing term sheets, which can be found here.
  2. The rates above assume no forward rate lock period. If you are seeking a loan with a forward rate commitment, add 2.5 basis points for every month of forward ratelock needed
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