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Rental Financing

With over $1 billion in private capital,
MHP offers a range of financing solutions
to make your affordable development work

MHP specializes in permanent financing solutions for multifamily rental housing. Our financing can be used for acquisition, acquisition and rehab, refinancing, and takeout of construction loans.

Potential projects must be five units or more and loan amounts must exceed $250,000. We offer superior pricing and flexible terms while maintaining an efficient underwriting and closing process. For loans over $15 million, we sell participations to institutional lenders like Fannie Mae. This enables us to offer some of the best-priced financing available on flexible terms.

MHP is funded by a unique, bank-funded loan pool that was created in 1990 when the state legislature passed the Interstate Banking Act. This law requires companies that purchase Massachusetts' banks to make funds available to MHP. Since 1990, our loan pool has grown to over $1 billion and we have provided over $700 million in loans and commitments for the financing of over 17,000 rental units, most of them affordable to lower- and moderate-income families.

This web site contains more information about MHP's strengths, loan products, interest rates, term sheets and a complete portfolio of all our loans.

Arrow If you have any questions, contact Director of Lending David Rockwell (617-330-9944 x222).
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