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The following are documents and links to municipal, housing authority and non-profit support content authored or commissioned by MHP.

Category: MHP Guidebooks

This section contains guidebooks created by MHP's Community Housing Initiative department.
CHI-1. Guidebook: Municipal Affordable Housing Trust This is a 2013 update of a 2009 publication on how to envision, shape, get support and succeed with your community's local housing trust.
CHI-2. Guidebook: MHP/AGO Receivership Handbook
How to use receivership to stabilize abandoned and foreclosed properties
This 2009 handbook is a resource for municipal officials interested in implementing receivership in their community as a tool to combat neighborhood blight.
CHI-3. Guidebook: Community Preservation Act and Affordable Housing
How cities, towns can use CPA funds to boost affordability
In 2008, MHP and the Citizens' Housing and Planning Association's published a guidebook on how to use CPA funds for affordable housing. An update will be done in 2014.
CHI-4. Guidebook: Developing Housing on Public Land This 2004 guidebook is designed to help communities and housing authorities develop affordable housing on public land.
CHI-5. Guidebook: Developing housing on public land - one-page checklist For its 2004 guidebook on developing housing on public land, MHP commissioned housing consultant John Ryan to produce a useful checklist of what needs to be done to develop affordable housing on public land.
CHI-6. Guidebook: MHP's Housing Partnership Guidebook Published in 2004, MHP created this guide to help community members effectively organize a housing partnership.
CHI-7. Guidebook: MHP's Housing Needs Workbook Published in 2003, the Housing Needs Workbook is designed to assist communities in assessing local housing needs for families, seniors, special needs populations, and owners and renters.
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