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The following are documents and links to municipal, housing authority and non-profit support content authored or commissioned by MHP.

Category: Inclusionary Zoning

Documents and studies related to the issue of inclusionary zoning.
IZ-1. Inclusionary Zoning: Zoning for housing affordability Inclusionary zoning: A study the impact of zoning ordinances on the production of affordable housing across the state. Conducted by the nationally-recognized community planning firm Philip B. Herr and Associates, the 1999 report found that one-third of the state's communities indicated in their zoning the intent to promote and develop affordable housing.
IZ-2. Inclusionary zoning: Guidelines for cities and towns MHP commissioned land-use attorney Edith Netter to draft guidelines on drafting, implementing and ensuring maximum benefit from inclusionary zoning.
IZ-3. Inclusionary Zoning: Lessons Learned in Massachusetts This booklet examines inclusionary zoning from a policy and legal standpoint, with case studies on Newton, Cambridge and Boston's inclusionary laws.
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