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Category: 40B technical assistance

Resources and related information about Chapter 40B.
Chapter 40B Design Principles handbook The Chapter 40B Design Principles Handbook was created to provide information and guidance for the design review process undertaken by the agencies subsidizing Chapter 40B affordable housing projects in Massachusetts. The handbook provides some suggestions for applying new program standards and goals in the early stages of the design process.
Chapter 40B: DHCD Regulations The full Chapter 40B Regulations (760 CMR 56.00). These describe the standards and procedures to govern the course of project review, from an initial determination of eligibility by the federal or state agency that is providing a subsidy (the "Subsidizing Agency"), through local permitting review by the Board, to issuance or denial of a Comprehensive Permit, potential appeals to the HAC, and post-permitting procedures. 760 CMR 56.00 also addresses the Subsidized Housing Inventory , which is maintained by the Department of Housing and Community Development.
MHP Program: Ch. 40B technical assistance guidelines
Details regarding MHP's help to communities in their negotiations with 40B developers
Information on MHP's 40B technical assistance program, which helps local zoning boards of appeal review applications for comprehensive permits pursuant to state law known as Ch. 40B.
Testimony: MHP speaks to legislature about Ch. 40B. BOSTON--- In testimony before a state legislative committee on Oct. 11, MHP Executive Director Clark Ziegler said the state's comprehensive permit law known as Ch. 40B is doing an effective job but said the larger issue is that the state needs to overhaul its zoning laws.
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