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The following are documents and links to municipal, housing authority and non-profit support content authored or commissioned by MHP.

Category: CPA & affordable housing

Documents and studies related to the issue of how Community Preservation Act funds can be used for affordable housing.
CHI-3. Guidebook: Community Preservation Act and Affordable Housing
How cities, towns can use CPA funds to boost affordability
In 2008, MHP and the Citizens' Housing and Planning Association's published a guidebook on how to use CPA funds for affordable housing. An update will be done in 2014.
Community Preservation Act: DOR guidance on mixed use State Department of Revenue guidance on the proper use of CPA funds in a mixed-use development.
Community Preservation Act: How communities use it for housing
CPA has been used for pre-development work, land purchases, long-term financing
MHP has written the first in a series of project profiles that describe how communities have used CPA to fund affordable housing efforts. The CPA series is meant to give communities ideas on how these funds can be used to increase their supply of affordable housing.
Community Preservation Act: Impact on housing in first 5 years A 2006 study commissioned by MHP indicates that while the impact of Community Preservation Act funds on housing may not be reflected in actual numbers, there have been enough success stories to indicate that it may yet become a valuable resource for affordable housing development.
Community Preservation Act: Power point on how towns use it for housing
Easy-to-read summation of how communities have used funds to increase affordability
BOSTON, December 17, 2007 --- MHP has put online a power point presentation of how communities have used CPA funds for affordable housing.
Community Preservation Act project profile: How Bedford uses CPA for housing
Deferred payment second mortgage to make units affordable is town's latest use
BEDFORD --- The first town to pass CPA has been creative in how it uses CPA funds.
Community Preservation Act project profile: How Chatham uses CPA for housing
Funds used in many ways, including downpayment assistance, 47-unit rental effort
CHATHAM --- This Cape Cod community has turned to the CPA to help provide housing for a workforce that is competing with vacationers buying second homes.
Community Preservation Act project profile: How Newton uses CPA for housing
Preserving, creating affordability is Newton's niche; new housing has been funded too
NEWTON --- This well-to-do city west of Boston has used CPA to create affordability within its existing housing stock and to help first-time homebuyers purchase homes in the city.
Community Preservation Act project profile: How Westford uses CPA for housing WESTFORD - Using $250,000 to prepare a site for housing is one of several ways that this town northwest of Boston has used CPA funds for housing.
Community Preservation Act project profile: How Westport uses CPA for housing
Using funds to identify, compete, purchase land in the marketplace
WESTPORT --- This town in southeastern Mass. used CPA funds to identify real estate opportunities and then purchased the land for affordable housing development.
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