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About MHP

About MHP

The Massachusetts Housing Partnership (MHP) is a statewide public non-profit affordable housing organization that works in concert with the Governor and the state Department of Housing and Community Development to help increase the supply of affordable housing in Massachusetts.

MHP was established in 1985 to increase the state's overall rate of housing production and find creative new solutions to address the need for affordable housing. In 1990, the state legislature took that premise to heart, becoming the first and only state in the nation to pass an interstate banking act that requires companies that acquire Massachusetts banks to make funds available to MHP for affordable housing.

MHP focuses its efforts in four main areas:


MHP's mission is to push beyond “business as usual” to find creative new solutions that are responsive to community needs and the ever-changing marketplace. Learn More About Our Vision

Rental Development

Using its bank-funded loan pool, MHP provides long-term financing for the development and preservation of affordable rental housing. Learn More About ORental Development

Community Initiatives

Believing that strong local leadership and informed local decisions are essential to any housing solution, MHP's Community Housing Initiatives team works with communities, local housing groups and non-profit developers on local housing initiatives. Learn More About MHP Community Initiatives


MHP offers the ONE Mortgage Program, a first-time homebuyer program for low- and moderate-income borrowers. For more information about this program, email onemortgage@mhp.net or call 1-800-752-7131. Learn More About Homeownership

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